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Loyalty Card

It’s not every day you come across a rewards program from a taxi service. AA Taxis stands out as one of the best taxi services in Leighton Buzzard and our loyalty program gives you more of a reason to use us.

Our Loyalty Card has been a great success and many of our customers are benefiting from their regular use of AA Taxis. Why don’t you get one and save on your travels too?

Instead of earning rewards and stamps or points for discounts, we provide a discount from the get-go. Upon showing your membership card to the driver you automatically get £1 off your ride for every £10 the meter records.


£1 off every £10 recorded on the taxi meter

Discount on metered journeys only

You must have used AA Taxi at least 5 times over the past 6 months

Along with discounts, you will also get other surprise goodies throughout the year

Apply for your Loyalty Card